**this page is currently under construction (due Feb. 4, 2020). Please see the press release on our home page for information about our Round 12 recipients. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Round 12 (2020)

Stimulus Grant ($7,000)

“Black and Brown Mail Art Biennale” by BlackTM – Slant Rhyme & Raven Crane

“Seabrook, TX” by Mitchell Collins

“Notas Jotas” by Familia Artist Collective – José Eduardo Sánchez & Collaborators: Denisse Alanis, Jennicet Gutiérrez, Kenneth Reveiz, & Umí Vera

“Detention Nation 2020” Sin Huellas – Delilah Montoya, Brenda Cruz-Wolf, Deyadira Trevino & Orlando Lara

“Seedless” by TAME, The Aspiring Me – Andrew Davis

Catalyst Grant ($4,000)

“9” by Civic TV

“without architecture there would be no stonewall, without architecture there would be no “brick” ” by Junior Fernandez & S Rodriguez

“Mẹ Việt Nam ơi, Chúng Con Vẫn Còn đây (Oh Mother Vietnam, We Are Still Here)” by Brandon Harris

“Survival Movements” by Cecilia Norman

“A Lot A Land” by Michael Stevenson

Spark Grant ($1,000)

“Naas (People)” by Latifa Albokhari

“The Session: LGBTQ+ Mental Health feat. Queer People of Color” by Britni Andrews

“Comforter” by Anne Buckwalter

“LOCA LOVE!” by Stephanie Saint Sanchez