Hueston Collective: Aisen Caro Chacin, Violette Bule, Felicia Chatman, Maria Macias, Lindsay Betzabeth Nunez, and Josef Pierre

Hueston, The Uncomfortable Staging

Hueston, The Uncomfortable Staging is a collaborative project that uses misé-en-scene photography to empower and highlight the diversity of culture, thought, and heritage, within our city of Houston.

Each misé-en-scene photograph represents and reflects the issues of the area in which they are taken and displayed. Printed at a life-size scale, our goal is to engage with the community to help us display these photomurals on vacant walls. A digital interactive map shows a topography of Houston’s intra-cultural boundaries, featuring each photomural and including a collection of audio-visual research material, and the location of where each asset was collected. This map is shared online where guests are invited to drive-thru the photo-mural exhibit around town, encountering new neighborhoods, and seeing Houston the Hueston route.

To follow the work of the lead artist, Violette Bule, please visit: