Space Junk | 2016 Grant Project

Mel Peterson and Anna Brodl’s SPACE JUNK: DO PEOPLE DREAM OF ELECTRIC CHILDREN opens this weekend. They received a Stimulus grant during Round 8 of The Idea Fund’s grant cycle to make the world’s first drone play. The drones are used as a type of puppeteering, with no actors on stage. From their Facebook page:

Space Junk: Do People Dream of Electric Children? – the world’s first drone play, is a treatise on man’s dependence on technology and technology’s dependence on man. The crews of the space armada are long since dead, but the simulations of the final disaster continue to run in order to learn how to protect the next human crew… once a new crew is found. Only, it’s been 100 years and there’s been no sign of human life. The drones are getting restless.

Performances will be on Sep. 23 – Sep. 25 and Sep. 30 – Oct. 2. You can buy tickets on Eventbrite and find more information on Facebook.

Space Junk | 2016 Grant Project | The Idea Fund