Tony Day, Lina Dib and Matthew Schneider-Mayerson

Fossilized in Houston

Though climate change is a global issue, Houston bears a special responsibility as the home of 5,000 energy companies. Yet issues of climate change are almost entirely absent in daily life or discourse in Houston. The “Fossilized in Houston” project aims to leverage Houston’s artistic community to make the consequences of our actions visible on a day-to-day level by funding 50 local artists to contribute drawings of 50 species endangered by climate change. These drawings will contribute to a guerilla campaign of lawn signs, stickers and wheat paste posters that will become a visible, regular presence throughout the city for a full year. The goal of this project is to create a means for Houston artists to contribute to an enhanced awareness about this issue, and hopefully push decision-makers in energy companies, city planners and individual citizens to reconsider collectively destructive yet normative behaviors.

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Fossilized In Houston | Fossilized In Houston | Round 7 (2015) | The Idea Fund