WAKE | Lauren Eddy, Jorja Montgomery, Grant Loomis, Lisa Gulesserian, Julian Jimenez, Dan Schmahl, Alex Buzo, Natalie Villareal and Charles Eddy

WAKE the Zine

WAKE is a collective based in Galveston that creates “WAKE the Zine,” a free DIY music and arts publication. The objective of this project is twofold. The first component is publicly accessible and free of charge: twelve issues of a monthly arts zines culminating in a year-end music + zine event. The second component is to develop and solidify the collective of volunteers through, for the first time, payment for labor and the alleviation of financial strain.

Learn more at their website, FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

WAKE the Zine | WAKE | Round 9 (2017) | The Idea Fund