The Flinching Eye Collective | Max Bernstein, Scott Ferguson, Tobias Fike, Adan De La Garza, Ryan Wade Reuhlen, Benjamin Gale-Shreck and Matthew Weedman

Aberration Tour

The Flinching Eye Collective is a group of seven interdisciplinary artists based in Texas, New York and Colorado who explore sound-based, interactive performance and video. “The Aberration Tour” will include 8 – 10 new performances using sound as a starting point for art making and will visit venues in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Each show on the tour will be modified in response to the specific venue and local audiences. Works intentionally incorporate and engage with the audience so the viewer moves in and out of the performance, ultimately becoming part of the experience of the show.

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The Aberration Tour | The Flinching Eye Collective | Round 6 (2014) | The Idea Fund