Habitable Spaces | Shane Heinemeier and Alison Ward

The Trading Post

Habitable Spaces is a small farm and artist community in the small town of Kingsbury, Texas, built on land that had not been inhabited since the 1930s. It is unique in that it actively combines art with the basic activities of creating shelter and growing food, and regularly engages visiting artists and members of the local farming and ranching community. “The Trading Post” will be a living artistic experiment at the site of the old Kingsbury post office. Traditional items that one would find in an Old West trading post (produce, handmade soaps, candles, quilts, etc.) will be available for trade for art objects, stories, songs, or performances to be acted out in the space for the audience present, and recorded for later display. By examining the value of art and agricultural commodities in conjunction with each other, “The Trading Post” expands the vocabulary of art making.

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The Trading Post | Shane Heinemeier and Allison Ward | Round 6 (2014) | The Idea Fund