JooYoung Choi

C.S. Watson and the Bio-Engineered “Ultra” Protagonist: An Examination of the Impact of Symbolic Annihilation and an Exploration of the Evolutionary Potentialities of Sci-fi/Fantasy Media

Through the creation of a video-art piece, JooYoung Choi plans to explore intersectionality and the issue of symbolic annihilation through the visual art form of narrative time-based media. The Idea Fund will support Choi’s artistic process, pre-and post-production, and community building components such as conducting interviews with women-artists-of-color in visits to the artists’ studio, and a public presentation of the final project that will consist of an artist talk and screening held in Koreatown.  

“What I am providing is opportunities for interview participants and the larger community to participate in the process of completing this project. My aim is to create an intergenerational, diverse, nurturing, and empowering environment that will encourage cross-pollination amongst a community of creative people. Together through this project we can share ideas, build community, and learn new skills that will inform each individuals creative process.”

Images from Journey to the Cosmic Womb Part I&II. Courtesy of the artist.