Henry G. Sanchez

The Bio-Art Bayou-torium

Henry G. Sanchez’s Bio-Art Bayou-torium is a bio laboratory/art studio situated on the banks of Buffalo Bayou across from Tony Marron Park in Houston’s Second Ward. The Bayou-torium’s art studio-laboratory houses microscopes, imaging equipment and studio space for an art making experience based on the nature and history of Buffalo Bayou. Field excursions along the shorelines and pontoon boat tours will introduce and educate visitors about the complex ecosystem and history of Houston’s main waterway. Bi-lingual art assistants with expertise in wildlife and the stories of the Bayou in the Second Ward will guide people to collect and record what they see and experience. With support from the Buffalo Bayou Partnership and The Idea Fund, the Bio-Art Bayou-torium is an art-science, social practice project that engages participants and community members in a new aesthetic experience with this hidden natural resource.


Project Website:
https://www.bioartbayoutorium.org/ Artist’s Instagram:
https://www.instagram.com/loccart/ Project handle: